Blogging while abroad in Winter Term

Worth 60 percent of Winter Term grade

  • A minimum of three posts from the team per week (a floor, not a ceiling) while we’re abroad.
  • Focus on the course objectives: How has media influenced Western culture?
  • Go beyond “here’s what we saw.” How did the experience affect you? Did it change the way you see media/culture? Did you gain a new insight that couldn’t be captured in a traditional classroom?
  • Consider the entirety of the week — you probably don’t want 3-4 posts each week on the same site/subject.
  • Make connections from our experiences in Europe to what we learned in the fall.
  • Weave your personal insights into what we’re learning on the road.
  • Do use categories to indicate subject matter. At minimum, tag each post with the city we’re based in at the time.
  • At the end of each post, note who contributed to that particular post, e.g.

– Anthony Hatcher

(OR if more than one person contributes to a post …)

– Harlen Makemson and Bob Woodward

  • Please change the tagline of your WordPress site to something other than “Just Another WordPress site” (when logged into WordPress, go to Dashboard–>Settings–>General and change the words in the Tagline field).

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