Admiring early timepieces at the museum

Students admired all sorts of things in the British Museum, including this iron clock from the 1500s. Adjustable weights are moved below the clock face in order to adjust the time. We were pleased at the intellectual curiosity and engagement of all 29 students, who seemed to take to London right away.

As one who has a thing about cool and unusual wristwatches, I was drawn to several in the timepieces room here from the 1950s, including some of the early automatic watches. They were all under glass, which was the only thing that kept me from trying them on. If you followed last year’s blog, you know I got in trouble from time to time in various museums for touching things. I’m anticipating armed guards around that printing press in Berlin I was chastised for using as a demonstration tool last year. I have a feeling my picture is on file at museums around Europe.
-A. Hatcher



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