A quick reflection on reflecting

Sunday evening in Frankfurt was set aside for debriefing the class on some of the recent sites we’ve visited. Students did research last fall on the Nuremberg rally grounds and resulting trials there, on Dachau, and so on. We have had those groups speak to the rest of the class throughout the journey and compare their research with new insights gained from actually being here.

Our session on Sunday took place in a hotel conference room and was supposed to last an hour, from 5-6 p.m. The hour stretched to 90 minutes as students, some getting emotional, expressed their views about the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis. The professors facilitated and tried to keep their comments to a minimum and just let the students carry the ball, which they did. We got out of the way as they talked of how they have learned not only about the subject matter, but how they have gotten to know themselves better.

It was one of those moments that reminds us of the quality of thoughtfulness these kids possess. It was a moment when Elon students showed us what it means to be ELON STUDENTS. They did themselves proud, and we were proud of them.


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